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Amicrobe, Inc., Developer Of Novel Technology For Antibiotic Resistance, Adds Safety Application To Intellectual Property Portfolio

The company announces filing of a PCT application focused on safety in the treatment of antibiotic resistant infections, as well as multiple international acceptances of its two foundational patents.

CARLSBAD, CA  -  APRIL 24, 2018 - Amicrobe, Inc. uses advanced bioengineering principles to develop novel antimicrobial products for the era of antibiotic resistance. Today, the company announced that it has filed an international PCT patent application entitled, "Compositions and uses of locally applied antimicrobials with enhanced performance and safety," to further protect its A-Blocks™ (amino acid block copolymer) technology platform and innovative product candidates. The company also announced additional acceptances of international counterparts of its two foundational US patents: US 9,017,730 and US 9,446,090.

The company's two lead product candidates, Amicidin-α Surgical Gel and Amicidin-β Solution, are designed to prevent and treat life-threatening infections in the fields of surgery and trauma. Higher safety is achieved through innovative design and formulation elements, subjects of the new PCT application. This should allow direct application to tissues at high doses, without the toxicity risks of many of today's locally applied antimicrobials.

Dr. Michael P. Bevilacqua, CEO and CSO of Amicrobe, stated, "We believe that our A-Blocks technology is in the vanguard of advanced biomaterials, a scientific discipline that will generate many healthcare products in the coming years. We are aggressively seeking to capture broad intellectual territories to protect our current product candidates, as well as other innovations in our pipeline."

US 9,017,730 entitled, "Compositions and uses of materials with high antimicrobial activity and low toxicity" has broad claims covering Amicrobe's technology platform and antimicrobial product candidates. In addition to the United States, the parent patent has now been issued or accepted in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, and the European Union. Two divisional patents are in prosecution worldwide; both are issued or accepted in Australia, the most recent acceptance occurring April 10th of this year.

US 9,446,090 entitled, "Compositions and uses of antimicrobial materials with biocompatible properties" focuses on key formulation advances, including A-Blocks in combination with a second polymer (natural or synthetic). In addition to the United States, the parent patent has been issued in Japan, Australia, and Mexico, and is in prosecution elsewhere. A divisional patent directed to inventive treatment of biofilms has been filed in the United States, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

With the filing of the new PCT application on safety and the growing international acceptances of Amicrobe's foundational patents, the company continues to expand its portfolio of patents, patent applications, and trade secrets covering the design, formulation and uses of its investigational products. 

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