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Engineered for physical properties & antimicrobial defense


In the living world...

Nature's physical properties – the things we see around us – are provided by biological polymers. Cellulose is used to build plants and trees; chitin – insects and shellfish; and collagen – animals and man. These amazing biopolymers give rise to an incredible range of physical structures.


Nature's antimicrobial defense is provided by positively charged (cationic) antimicrobials. Found in multicellular organisms from plants to man, these cationic antimicrobials have defended against harmful bacteria and viruses for eons, with limited evidence of resistance. They work locally – at the point of contact – to yield substantial and ongoing protection.



Amicrobe engineers synthetic biologics called Amicidins. Drawing inspiration from nature, they possess desirable physical properties and potent antimicrobial activity. Physical properties make them versatile; microbicidal activity brings protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Like nature's own antimicrobials, Amicidins are designed to be fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Synthetic biologics using nature's playbook

PP & MA.png

Amicidins' dual mode of action (physical & microbicidal) enables diverse applications across multiple industries.  With simple formulation and fabrication, these synthetic proteins can yield new products or improve existing ones. Possibilities include breakthrough therapeutics, innovative medical devices, gentler veterinary and pet care products, enhanced consumer health products, and even cleaner food and water. Development is currently underway to bring Amicidin-based next-generation products to life for a safer world, beginning with breakthrough therapeutics for surgery and trauma (see Pipeline).


Our two lead Amicidins, Amicidin-α and Amicidin-β, are the key ingredients in four investigational products designed to prevent and treat life-threatening infections, especially in the fields of surgery and trauma. Amicidin-α is the foundation for Amicidin-α Surgical and Amicidin-α PFC. Amicidin-β is the foundation for Amicidin-β Solution and Amicidin-β/EF (see Pipeline).


Looking to the future, single Amicidins are expected to yield multiple distinct products with diverse applications -- in some cases, across multiple industries.

A single Amicidin can yield multiple products

Manufacturing by
robust polymer methods

Amicrobe's synthetic biologics are manufactured by robust polymer methods (similar to those used for non-biological polymers like nylon). Kilogram scale production under GMP guidelines has been achieved. This technology and approach should allow cost-effective manufacturing through commercial production at metric ton scale. 

Amicrobe pledges its commitment to the highest standards of science, medicine, and business

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