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Amicidins™ -- a family of innovations

To prevent and treat life-threatening infections

Amicidins™ are synthetic proteins engineered to prevent and treat infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  They combine broad antimicrobial activity with beneficial physical properties and safety to achieve high performance when applied directly to tissues. Amicidin-based products are expected to be used in a wide variety of healthcare settings, greatly reducing the risk of infection and related life-threatening conditions like ARDS and sepsis.


Our lead investigational products, Amicidin-α Surgical Gel™ and Amicidin-β Solution™, target critical needs in the fields of surgery and trauma.*

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*This work has been supported by US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command through the Military Burn Research Program under Award No. W81XWH-15-2-0065 and by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs through the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program under Award No. W81XWH-16-1-0561. Opinions, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations are those of Amicrobe and are not necessarily endorsed by the Department of Defense. Ongoing support comes from CARB-X and is provided by the Department of Health & Human Services Asst. Secretary for Preparedness & Response (BARDA) and Wellcome Trust through Boston University subaward 4500002454 and the Department of Health and Social Care (U.K.) through subaward 4500003403.

Amicidin-α Surgical Gel


Amicidin-α Surgical Gel™ is intended to prevent contamination and infection in surgery & trauma.


Amicidin-α synthetic protein has been engineered to mimic the dual protective elements of human skin: physical barrier (like collagens and keratins) and non-antibiotic microbicidal activity (like defensins). Amicidin-α Surgical Gel™will be applied intraoperatively to exposed tissues, reducing risk of infection by blocking microbial contamination and killing microbes that are already present.


Preclinical proof-of-concept has been achieved in multiple studies using three animal models. GLP toxicology studies have begun and feedback has been received from the FDA in a pre-IND face-to-face meeting. Phase 1 clinical trials are planned.


Broad antimicrobial activity and enhanced barrier properties

Amicidin-β Solution


Amicidin-β Solution™ is intended primarily for treatment of life-threatening infections.


Amicidin-β™ demonstrates potent, direct microbial killing and enhanced anti-biofilm properties. Amicidin-β possesses surfactant activity that can assist with tissue cleansing and debridement. It will be applied directly to heavily contaminated or overtly infected tissues, including those with foreign bodies and/or established biofilms. A high priority clinical setting is the use of Amicidin-β Solution as an adjunct to surgical management of life-threatening orthopedic hardware-related infections, including prosthetic joint infections.


Amicidin-β Solution™ is in late-stage preclinical development; feedback has been received from the FDA in a pre-IND face-to-face meeting. Phase 1 clinical trials are planned.


Broad antimicrobial activity and enhanced anti-biofilm properties

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Joseph S. Solomkin, MD, FACS, FIDSA; Surgeon, Infection Expert

Amicrobe - Chief Medical Officer

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine - Prof. of Surgery Emeritus

"After a long career, dealing with combat injuries in Vietnam, civilian trauma that in some cases rivals consequences of military action, and managing burn and other soft tissue injuries, Amicidins appear as a promising approach to the prevention and treatment of a range of infections...


...They address a truly unmet need."

Amicidins are engineered for effectiveness and safety in direct application to exposed tissues.