WASHINGTON, D.C. - June 14, 2018 -

                                                                                                         Dr. Michael Bevilacqua, Amicrobe’s founder and CEO, was an invited speaker and panelist at an FDA supported meeting on the topic of developing “… Emerging Non-traditional Antibiotics”. This one day event was convened by the Duke-Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy.


Dr. Bevilacqua delivered a talk entitled, "Purpose-built antimicrobials for surgery and trauma". He discussed the progression of infection from initial wound contamination through local infection and on to systemic invasion / sepsis. Further, he described how Amicrobe's two lead product programs, the Amicidin-Alpha Surgical Gel and the Amicidin-Beta Solution, are purpose-built to go into the wounds of surgery and trauma in order to interrupt this life-threatening progression. 


A video of the 10 minute presentation can be found here.

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