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Dr. Bevilacqua presents at CARB-X webinar on "Preparing for an FDA Pre-IND Meeting: Planning for Success"

WEBINAR  -  MAY 28, 2020 - Carmella Moody, Regulatory Program Director at RTI International, and Dr. Bevilacqua led a CARB-X webinar entitled "Preparing for an FDA Pre-IND Meeting: Planning for Success." In this webinar, Ms. Moody and Dr. Bevilacqua provided information to product developers to help them prepare for successful pre-IND meetings. Dr. Bevilacqua discussed Amicrobe's positive experiences with the FDA and lessons learned for the development of non-traditional therapeutics, like Amicidins.

Dr. Bevilacqua's portion of the webinar can be seen here.  The webinar in its entirety can be seen here.

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