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Synthetic proteins

engineered for physical and functional properties

Amicrobe's synthetic proteins are engineered to combine beneficial physical properties, functional activities, and safety.


Molecular design yields diverse physical properties ranging from sheer thinning coatings (like paint) to dirt disrupting surfactants (like detergents).  With simple formulation and fabrication, these synthetic proteins produce solutions, hydrogels, foams, thin films, and dry fibers.  


Molecular design also imbues our synthetic protein with functional activities ranging from potent antimicrobial activity (see pipeline, Amicidins) to hemostatic properties.

Whole new products can be created by adding other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or excipients with chosen physical properties (e.g., other polymers).

Manufacturing by robust polymer methods

Amicrobe's synthetic proteins are manufacturing by robust polymer methods (similar to those for non-biological polymers like nylon). Kilogram scale production under GMP guidelines has been achieved. This technology and approach should allow cost-effective production through commercial scale. 

...This is a game changer that would impact almost every    field of medicine."

"I have worked in this field for over 30 years with complicated orthopedic cases, many of which involve limb-threatening infections. Our current methods of treatment are crude at best...

Ross M. Wilkins, M.D.; Orthopedic Surgeon

Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk - Medical Director

Limb Preservation Foundation - Chairman & Founder

AlloSource - Senior Medical Director

...This is a game changer that would impact almost every field of medicine."

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